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Krys Wakefield Photo by Suzie Fenn Photo by Suzie Fenn Photo by Suzie Fenn
Bressingham & Fersfield Parish Council Community Connection
from Richard Hewitt
June is shaping up to be a rather busy month for our villages. We have a regular Parish Council meeting on 6 June, at 19:30 in St Andrew’s Church Fersfield. (I mention this because we’re always very pleased to see members of the community at the meetings.) Before this, though, we have a very special occasion on Saturday 4 June. In celebration of the 90th birthday of Queen Elizabeth II, there will be a special party in Fersfield and Bressingham Village Hall, starting at 1:00 (5 pm!)  We are extremely grateful to the Village Hall Committee and their team for taking on board the organisation of this event. Some time ago, the Parish Council was asked by South Norfolk District Council to make a bid for a sum of money which would help pay for an event to mark the Queen’s 90th birthday. A stipulation was that this must be open to everyone in the Parish Council’s area.  We were so pleased when our united villages were awarded the full amount available. After discussion it was agreed to hold a party in the Village Hall – so everyone in Bressingham and Fersfield is invited to what we hope will be a really super event. You will see publicity and notices in the villages. Continue reading Richard's report (or print) - click here >> 

MEET PEOPLE IN OUR COMMUNITY interview and photo by Liz handy
Another garden that will be open for the Open Garden Weekend.

A year before Mervyn Lambert moved to Three Gates Farm he visited the property and had a vision of what he would like to do with the garden. He looked out at the water meadow and knew that he would like to create a beautiful lake.

14 years later Mervyn has indeed done this. Mervyn grew up on a farm and wild life and gardening is in his blood.  His family had 26 acres of water meadows. Whenever Mervyn even as a boy was stressed he would walk on the water meadows with his dog. He has always had a dog all his life.

Mervyn says his  garden will never be  finished. It is an on going project. His house now looks out on the lake and gardens. What he loves about it is there is always movement and something happening.  There are fish in the lake, swans, geese, ducks and of course many insects.

Mervyn is always learning more about gardens. He experiments with plants and a lot of his growing has been trial and error.  He has always admired the gardens of Alan Bloom at Bressingham Gardens and especially the conifers and heathers in Adrian’s garden. He has also learnt a lot from Lawrence Flatman who worked for Blooms for years.

Bressingham is the home of 2 great and unique gardens, Alan and Adrian Bloom’s. Mervyn hopes that one day soon his garden will become the third great garden. How lucky we are in Bressingham to have this.

Bressingham and District Ladies Group - New members always welcome
Our meetings, held at the Bressingham Village Hall, are on the 3rd Monday of each month, 7.30pm for 7.45pm unless stated. Annual membership £20 - Visitors £3

Wildflower of the Month - June - by Leo Pearce
It is the sweet simple things of life which are the real ones after all – Laura Ingalls Wilder
Did you know that daisies are found everywhere on earth apart from Antarctica?
They symbolise purity, honesty and courage and are fun to make into daisy chains – remember doing that? Their composite flower heads are brilliant for attracting insects, and because their leaves and flowers are edible, they can attract people too. They've been used in folk medicine for slowing bleeding, easing coughs, improving
digestion and easing pain. A thorough all rounder! And still used in homeopathy. How can we begrudge them a little space in the lawn?


Have you ever had a 'senior moment?'

I know I have. But what can we do to improve our memory and ability to learn. Here are a few tried and true suggestions:

Exercise – physical exercise improves the blood supply to our brains and stimulates hormones to support brain health.

Challenge your brain – learning new skills is great for stimulating all round mental agility. Learning a new language, dance or sport are all brilliant for the brain.

Eat healthily – a mediterranean type diet rich in fatty acids provides real brain food. Olive oil, oily fish and fresh veg, perfect for the summer days ahead.

Bressingham & Fersfield Allotments, Common Road behind Piper’s Piece
Michelle Lanchester, Chair of the Allotment Association, would like to thank all those people who either donated or bought items from the Jumble and Plant Sale held at the Village Hall on Saturday 3rd June.  £252.20 was raised for the Allotment Association. Here is a photograph of Tristan the Vice Chair of the Allotments Association planting his strawberries with his wife Kelly and their daughter Sophie. Tristan has grown his strawberries from runners in his poly tunnel. He adds coffee grounds to the soil which he find not only adds nitrogen but is also a deterent against slugs. He hopes to have an abundant crop of strawberries this year.
Please note that there are 4 allotments still free so if you are interested please contact Michelle (T: 01379 688109 / 07824515801 email: michelle.lanchester@googlemail.com)


Take away freshy made on site quiche lorraine - big and small sizes .....

One of the "planted wheel barrows" as part of the Anglia in Bloom at your village shop.

Take away home-made meals at £6 each

Times of opening of your village shop are:
Mon - Fri 7.30am - 5.00pm
Saturday 7.30am - 1.00pm
Sunday 8.30am - 1.00pm

Written by David Neville Chairman of Fuel Allotment Charity and member of Parish Council

There is, in the village of Bressingham, a parcel of land which was given in 1799 for the purpose collecting fuel, ie peat and firewood for the poor of the parish's of Bressingham & Fersfield. The charity still exists as does the wooded land, however, clearly times have changed, and the idea of collecting firewood and peat is not going to be on most people's 'to-do' list. But of course it is interesting that probably most people in the village would know nothing of either the charity - which is known as the Fuel Allotment Charity - or the wood itself, which sits on the original part of the village of Bressingham, Fen Street. With this in mind, the Trustees of this charity are now in the process of considering the future of this piece of land. It has until recently been leased, but the longer term future is important with a view to supplying an income which will benefit the community, and so options are being looked at. One of these options is possibly with the Suffolk Wildlife Trust which would open up the connection with their other Fen activities, and of course connect with our village as well as creating an income for the Charity. Do keep an eye on the website for future developments on this interesting and important project.

Open to new members. Please contact Pam Lombok for details pamlombok@yahoo.co.uk
  Mobile Library
  Visits Bressingham and Fersfield monthly. Full timetable >

Bressingham Steam & Gardens
Local resident's discount of 20% off a 1-3 person season ticket or 30% off a 4+ person from the same local address. Claim your discount by showing proof of residence (eg a recent utility bill) when buying your tickets. Visit their website for more information >

How would you like to win £10 or £25?
Then join the 59 Club and also support your local Church. We have 8 spare numbers waiting for you – just telephone 01379 688331 or email Reg or Kay at regkaybrock@btinternet.com for further information.

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QUEEN'S 90th BIRTHDAY PARTY Photos: Krys Wakefield
May we say a very big 'thank-you' indeed to the Village Hall Committee and their great team of helpers for organising the wonderful 'Queen's 90th Birthday Party' on Saturday. It was a special and hugely appreciated event. Thank-you too, to all those who supported this.  It was so good to see everyone enjoying themselves so much. Click here to see more photos >

Wheelbarrow planting will be judged during the Open Gardens weekend by Rev Canon Tony Billett. Judges for Anglia in Bloom will drive through during July to get a general ‘feel’ for the villages. Individual gardens are not visited, but judges will look for: horticultural achievement, environmental responsibility, community participation and sustainability.
Go to the Anglia in Bloom website >> BRESSINGHAM & FERSFIELD PARISH COUNCIL are leading the ANGLIA IN BLOOM entry.

Adrian Bloom will be chairing the Gardener’s Question Time - on Saturday 25th June at Bressingham Village Hall starting at 7.30pm.
Adrian says this will be a “question time” with a difference!  It will certainly be a very special evening as there will be a panel of 5 real experts in plants and horticulture and all from this area.

The experts besides Adrian are Guy Barker, Jamie Blake, Chris Grey-Wilson and Ben Potterton.  Each panellist will talk about the people who inspired them to become horticulturalists.  And it is hoped that they will too inspire the audience to become keener gardeners and gain many ideas of how to do this. Adrian’s great mentor was Fred Barcock of Drinkstone

2016 has been a particularly busy year for Adrian. Bressingham Hall has been renovated which his sister Bridget has been heavily involved in. The barn next door has also been renovated. Matt  his youngest son is an expert in wood has done much of the timber work and project management. Richard his other son won the International Gardens Photographer of the Year Award. You can see more of his beautiful pictures - click here.

Jason Bloom runs the Bressingham Nurseries just opposite the Gardens who like his father and his grandfather is a great plantsman.  Their websites have endless information about what to grow.

So much has been written about Adrian and his achievements.
There is nothing I can say that is new except what a wonderful opportunity gardeners in our community have of having him chair this Gardener’s Question Time evening.  There are only 100 seats available so be quick in getting your tickets from the village shop.  Your questions should be in by 18th June. You can email them to Linda Holly on or Catherine Smith

“WE NEED YOUR HELP” for the Open Gardens Weekend

Dear Villagers - can you Bake a Cake or offer 2 hours of your time over these 2 Days! We are hoping for a great turn out, so need plenty of Cakes and Bakes + Volunteers to help on the Refreshments and Plant Stall + Ticket Sales on the day, at both Villages.
If you can help out in anyway please call Sharon on 01379 687871

Afternoon Club report by Reg & Kay Brock
Although several of our members were away for this meeting more than 20 people enjoyed a fun packed afternoon which was themed around the Queen's 90th birthday.
To start we held a Royal Quiz which revealed some unusual facts about the Queen. Following this, Mr Richard Hewitt gave a short speech and a beautiful birthday cake made by Sharon was cut by our oldest member Norman who is 95. We all  toasted the Queen with a glass of "Bubbly" and a slice of cake

Luckily the weather held and Dave Smith joined us to show interested members how to play boules/petanque and Reg had a few members playing fun croquet. They all came in happy, tired and ready for a cup of tea. Jewellery making and card making workshops were again held for those who didn't venture outside. Many thanks to our members who have arranged and planted the beautiful wheelbarrow which now stands outside the Village Hall.

Sat 25 and Sun 26
  Bressingham and Fersfield “Open Gardens” weekend. Gardeners Question Time - Saturday evening at the Village Hall
Tue 12   Afternoon Club, 2-4 Bressingham Village Hall
Tue 9   Afternoon Club, 2-4 Bressingham Village Hall
Sat 11   Flower and Produce Show

YOGA - Mon 9.30-11.00 am - Village Hall
For full details ring Jackie T: 01379 650513
Need tuition? Contact Sam Darlow T: 07714 706033 or email
Practice sessions: Saturday mornings from 10.30 until noon.
Contact: Davey Smith
T: 01379 641785 or E: the-orangery@tiscali.co.uk.
Visit the blog - http://boulez-vous.blogspot.co.uk/

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