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UK Power Networks have a new contact number in the event of a power cut......................

Freephone 0800 316 3105  and local call rate from mobiles 0333 323 2105

Do you know any folk who could be vulnerable in a power cut? If so encourage them to register with Networks Priority Services Register.  It is FREE and entitles them to extra help such as updates or home visits. It is the same free phone number.

The EDP is backing this year's Surviving Winter Appeal led by the Norfolk Community Foundation in partnership with Age UK Norfolk. It raises money to help those who can't afford to heat their homes.  To request support from this fund contact Age UK Norfolk on 01603 787111.

If you require any help in contacting these services please contact: Jan Delasalle T: 01379 687973
(Chair, Bressingham and Fersfield Parish Council )

PARISH PARTICLES by Leo from the PC - 20th January 2015

Now that the seasonal festivities are over it seems that the winter weather really is settling in. We all need to look out for icy patches, especially on our ungritted roads – which is most of them!

Grit bins are sited (1) at the bottom of  Common Road, (2) opposite Fenners on the junction of Fersfield Road and The Valley, (3) on the left hand side at the end of Hall Lane junction of Fersfield Road and The Street, (4) School Road on the triangle juncton with the A1066

Jan has been negotiating with the Highways department for speed limits to be reduced in the villages and also along the A1066. The A1066 has certainly become busier, with bigger and faster vehicles. Turning onto the A1066 from School Road, Church Lane, Fen Street and other junctions can be hazardous. So far the Highways department has not supported any of these proposals, but Jan will continue to raise awareness. Until reduced speed limits are introduced let's take particular care. The last thing any of us want is to see someone harmed in an accident.

For now a belated Happy New Year to everyone in our community from Jan, Leo, Karl, Brian, Richard and Alison.

What if I think something has been built without permission?
Not all works require permission, but some do.
If you are concerned about a development please contact South Norfolk Enforcement officers in writing, by phone or at planning@s-norfolk.gov.uk. Any letters received are kept confidential. To learn about how unauthorized development is dealt with, visit This Page
What happens if I tell the Council about something being built?
Most complaints are resolved through negotiation and without formal action.
Enforcement officers will look into the matter and will let you know what is happening.

Reference: http://www.south-norfolk.gov.uk/planning/249.asp#Whatif

Water problems?
If you have had problems with your water supply the Parish Council would like to know about it - please email: Janet on janet@delasalle.eu or T: 01379 687973

Historical Snippets - Bressingham and Fersfield by Linda Holly
If anyone has information on life in Bressingham and Fersfield in WWI, please contact Linda on T: 01379 687729. 
A Norfolk Archive document: the War Memorial, Bressingham
As almost every village in England has its own War Memorial which we may drive, cycle and walk past on a daily basis, perhaps we can be forgiven for taking them for granted and not knowing more about how they came to be built. Over 100,000 War Memorials, erected throughout the United Kingdom after the Great War, are testimony to a groundswell of support for sites and symbols to honour local men who had died.  The Armistice Day, 1920 unveiling of Lutyen’s Cenotaph in Whitehall perhaps inspired local communities to build their own memorials.  The authors of World War I Memorials  (Wikipedia) succinctly convey the emotion and conviction underpinning their creation:  memorials were “ a tragic but comforting, noble and enduring commemoration of the war dead”.  Perhaps they helped heal and exorcize the trauma communities suffered. Read more >>

Bressingham and District Ladies Group
We'll be featuring recipes from some of the ladies in the Group and their programme of events includes some very interesting subject matter - click on the link on the right to read more. New members are welcome. Meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of each month, 7.30pm for 7.45pm unless stated.
Committee Contact Details >>
Chicken Casserole with Mushrooms - a recipe from Jean
Ingredients: 2 oz butter
  4 chicken joints
  1 onion, peeled and chopped
  1 tablespoon plain flour
  a half pint of chicken stock
  8 oz mushrooms, sliced
  1 tablespoon soy sauce
  1 tablespoon Worcester sauce
  salt  & pepper
  • Set oven to 180 degrees.
  • Melt butter in a frying pan.
  • Add the chicken and onion and fry until the chicken is lightly browned.
  • Sprinkle over the flour and cook, stirring for one minute.
  • Transfer to a casserole and stir in the stock, mushrooms and soy and Worcester sauces with salt and pepper to taste.
  • Cover and cook for about 1 hour or until chicken is tender.
  • Adjust seasoning before serving.
To print out the recipe click here >

MEET PEOPLE IN OUR COMMUNITY Interviews and photos by Liz Handy
Many people in the community will have already met Wendy and Neal – as they moved into Diss last autumn and Wendy was licensed and installed at Diss on the 6th November 14.  Prior to coming here Wendy served her curacy with St Mark’s Church, Oulton Broad for 3 years during which Neal clocked up 78,000 miles driving from there to his job in Ipswich.  

They met while serving in the RAF. Neal was with the service for 27 years and Wendy for 6. Wendy has done many things besides being in the RAF; when their 2 daughters were young and at school she enjoyed working as an administrator during the term time in a variety of places. This means that she has experienced working in many different kinds of organizations including hospitals and prisons and immediately before entering the church she worked, for 3 years, as the fundraising administrator for St Nicholas Hospice, Bury St Edmunds. 

Neal, since retiring from the RAF in 2006, has been employed by Suffolk County Council working in Ipswich as an Emergency Planning officer. His work involves dealing with major emergencies such as flooding, severe weather, etc. So his work is very varied and interesting.  In his spare time he’s a hockey umpire.

They have had 14 homes in their married life. Prior to Wendy being called into ministry their last family home was in Thetford – and before that they lived on the Royal Air Force base in Honington.   They hope to make Diss their home for many years to come. Having moved home on average every 2 years they say it will be nice to be settled. They both enjoy birdwatching and gardening and Wendy is an avid knitter. They are hoping that their 2 daughters won’t always live so far away.  Emma lives in Newcastle with her husband and 2 small children where her husband is training to be a doctor. Their youngest daughter Sarah is finishing her charted surveying training and lives near Basingstoke. 

They are very happy to be living and worshipping in Diss – Wendy loves being able to walk to work and into Diss from their home and Neal can get to Ipswich much more easily.

How lucky we are to have them both.

Did you know that Bressingham Village Shop has one of the 7,000 recycling shoe banks for the Variety charity?

They are able to raise thousands of pounds each year from our old shoes.  To find out more visit the Variety website

And please keep recyling!


We are trying to find out as much as we can about the allotments and their history so if you have any pictures or can give us any information, please email them to us.

Keep you up to date with community and church events - www.facebook.com/fersfieldchurch

Bressingham Steam & Gardens
20% off a 1-3 person season ticket or 30% off a 4+ person from the same local address. Claim your discount by showing proof of residence (eg a recent utility bill) when buying your tickets.

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from Paul Davey, Chairman, The Friends of Bressingham Chequers Community Asset Group
Appeal of Asset of Community Value Listing Review Decision:
The Chequers, Bressingham

I have been invited to make representations to the Tribunal and I have been encouraged to detail the families, organisations and local businesses  that met and used The Chequers on a regular basis.  If there is any organiser that could provide me with the following information I would be very grateful. The information that I present must be as accurate as possible and preferably supportable by some form of evidence

  • Their name and role within the Organisation
  • The Organisations  Name and Function
  • The number of times that they used the Chequers on say a yearly basis
  • Contact Phone number
  • Contact Email Address
  • Effect of losing The Chequers has had on their business, organisation or Family
SNDC let us know on the 20th Feb that they have received notification that the owners of the Chequers Inn, Bressingham, have appealed the SNDC decision to list the premises as being of community value to the First Tier Tribunal. SNDC have referred their appeal to their legal advisors, nplaw, and will keep me informed in due course. It is unclear, as yet, whether the case will be heard via oral or written submission; the latter is generally a more cost effective option. SNDC would also consider whether it is necessary to commission Counsel services, rather than just using nplaw.  It is often a fine judgement as whilst clearly SNDC seek to minimise the burden on the public purse, they also appreciate that this is an emotive local issue.  If successful, SNDC may again seek to apply for costs but it is not necessarily the case SNDC would be awarded these.  I have said that we would wish to give evidence to the Judge and am preparing the documents for submittal. Read more >>


Does anybody remember the old CB radio days? Well I do for one - I previously was a member of the REACT Team and we dealt with traffic accidents, missing persons etc. Folks called channel 9 on the CB radio and then we would telephone the relevant emergency service and pass on the details. Well those days are gone but the chances of things happening are still there!

Well as part of the NORFOLK RESILIENCE FORUM (please take a few minutes to look at the website via the link) you will see what Parish Council members under the co-ordination of Janet Delasalle, Alison Orford and Karl Traynier are hoping do to bring these parishes together in the event of a serious incident occurring.

As part of this planning the Parish Council are trying put together a group of 4x4 vehicle owners to act as couriers to take people to the doctors or pick up meds or even deliver food in the event of severe weather or some other incident. The duties may involve helping to evacuate people from their homes and deliver them to a Help Centre.

if you would like to register as a member and support us please contact Karl Traynier (E: bandfpathwarden@hotmail.co.uk or telephone 01379 688413), or you can contact any member of the Parish Council - click here for details.

Enjoying the new swings in Bressingham
Thanks to surplus from the Queens Diamond Jubilee event and the Village Hall we now have 2 more swings in the playing fields. Many thanks go to Allan and Keith Seager who generously did all the fixing and installation work in their own time.


Introducing the “new look” under 15’s Diss Rugby football union club!
These lads are dedicated, fit and love their game. They are lucky to have an amazingly supportive crew of coaches and an equally dedicated manager along a fantastic group of Supporters and Parents. The team have now received sponsorship and are excited to announce that they will be going on tour in Yorkshire this spring. 
These lads have never looked so good on the field. They really do know how to play an excellent game, they are tight, skilled and competitive.

The good news is that we are always open for new and committed players to join in and have some fun. It gives you confidence and promotes not only a healthy lifestyle but the ability to work as a team and be in a team! It is a case of the more the better, we need a large pool of players enabling tactical rotation on the field. Joining our team is easy, Just email kevin.jolly1@btinternet.com and Kevin will give you all the information you need to ensure a great experience from the start. Training and Matches are held on Sunday mornings with an additional training session on a Thursday evening. The season runs from early September until late April.

To find out more about the club please don’t hesitate to drop Kevin a line or visit our website at http://www.pitchero.com/clubs/dissrugby/.

YOGA - Mon 9.30-11.00 am - Village Hall
For full details ring Jackie T: 01379 650513
Want some tuition? Contact Sam Darlow T: 07714 706033 or email

Bressingham have two teams in the Norfolk & Norwich Winter League. Last Sunday both were in action against Elmham Wildcats. Oddballs were beaten 2-1 while Bloomers won by the same score. The winter league finishes on the 22nd March.

Anyone from the age of about 10 upwards is welcome to come along to try out the game.  Practice sessions are on Saturday mornings from 10.30 until noon (Wednesday sessions summer only).  Please contact Davey Smith on 01379 641785 or the-orangery@tiscali.co.uk. You might like to visit the blog - http://boulez-vous.blogspot.co.uk/
What's On - Diss Corn Hall Read about Bressingham School Read the COCK CROW and TEAM NEWS
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