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Photo by Steve Tickner Photo by Steve Tickner Photo by Steve Tickner
We thought you would be interested to read the reports from the various charities and groups that were presented at the Annual Parish Meeting held this week so we've put them together and you can access them by clicking here >>
Bressingham & Fersfield Parish Council
Community Connection - April 2016 from Richard Hewitt
Hello Everyone:  For the April Community Connection, I am putting on the Website my Parish Council outline of the past year. The meeting of 19 April was not the Parish Council AGM, but the annual meeting at which our various Bressingham and Fersfield organisations come together to report to those present on their year’s activities.  Some copies of organisations’ reports are also published.  Read Richard's full report - click here >>

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Times of opening of your village shop are:

Mon - Fri 7.30am - 5.00pm
Saturday 7.30am - 1.00pm
Sunday 8.30am - 1.00pm

BRESSINGHAM BOOK CLUB is open to new members.  Anyone interested please contact Pam Lombok on pamlombok@yahoo.co.uk for more details.

Mobile Library for Bressingham and Fersfield


Did you know that a mobile library visits Bressingham and Fersfield once a month.  Click here for the full timetable >

Laura Gosman has written a very interesting and touching article to help those of us who are fortunate to be more able bodied, to realise just how difficult it can be for a disabled person to live in a rural village such as Fersfield. The article starts below and continues via the link at the end:
Hello all, for those of you who don’t know me, my name is Laura. I am a 24 year old woman who lives in Fersfield and has cerebral palsy. In short, my condition mainly affects my lower limbs and means that I have to walk with sticks due to balance problems. It also means that I have problems walking for long distances and over uneven ground due to back, knee and foot pain. In addition, I have dyslexia, dyscalculia and dyspraxia, making tasks such as organisation, time-keeping and navigation difficult. I have decided to write the following article for the village website because I wished to not only highlight what I love about living in Fersfield, but also to bring to light some of the difficulties that I have experienced as a disabled resident whilst living in the village - continue >>

Wildflower of the Month - by Leo Pearce
This morning I was cheered by the sight of Greater Stitchwort growing at a ditch edge. Such a pretty, delicate face gleaming in the midday sunshine. In the West Country it is known as Pixies, and if you pick the flowers you'll be pixie led, which means you'll be distracted and unable to focus. Another problem with picking Greater Stitchwort is that it causes thunderstorms! That was certainly true today. Other common names are Wedding Cakes, Daddies Shirtbuttons and Star of Bethlehem. An infusion of the flowers was said to relieve the pain of a stitch in the side – hence the name Stitchwort.

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Paracetamol or Ibuprofen are most commonly used to relieve them – if you recognise the
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How would you like to win £10 or £25?
Then join the 59 Club and also support your local Church. We have 8 spare numbers waiting for you – just telephone 01379 688331 or email Reg or Kay at regkaybrock@btinternet.com for further information.

Don't forget about our great Community Playing Fields - tennis courts and playground for children - the facilities there which have greatly improved.

Bressingham and District Ladies Group


  A great recipe from Sharon Cole
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  COMMITTEE MEMBERS - click here
  New members welcome
  We meet at the Bressingham Village Hall on the 3rd Monday of each month, 7.30pm for 7.45pm unless stated. Visitors £3 -  Annual membership £20 - Look forward to seeing you there!

MEET PEOPLE IN OUR COMMUNITY interview and photo by Liz handy
With the OPEN GARDENS weekend getting nearer and nearer, we thought it would be interesting to learn more about some of the people who will be opening their gardens for us to visit .. here's the start of a series of interviews:

Leslie and Alison Dumbell’s garden will be one of the gardens of the Open Gardens Weekend of 24/25 June.

The Dumbells describe their garden as being planted mainly with shrubs and trees and divided into a number of well-defined areas of different character.  In their 1.5 acres there are 2 ponds, several woodland areas, and archways of roses and vines which grow into the trees and lead from one section naturally to the next. There is a bonzai area with small native and Japanese trees some being over 30 years old. There are rock gardens and vegetable gardens and greenhouses. The diverse range of trees includes a palm, eucalyptus and a variety of silver birches just to name a few. During the summer months they are almost self sufficient as far as fruit and vegetables are concerned. They grow most of their vegetables in large pots which are placed high enough above ground so rabbits cannot eat them. They find too that if they do not prune the roses too low they can encourage the rabbits not to eat those too.

Last year Leslie won the Bressingham Challenge Cup at the Flower Show. The magnificent silver trophy was won by Claire Porter at the previous show in 2013. The first person to win the cup was Alf Kester in 1950. Alf worked like many people in the community did for Blooms. Alf went on to win the cup 22 times! 

Gardening is very much the Dumbell’s passion. They had just returned from visiting the magnificent garden at East Ruston Vicarage near Happisburgh and Bacton where they had bought several new plants.

Leslie says his great inspiration for gardening came from Percy Thrower and his Gardener’s World programmes. As a boy he was given the book called Dig for Victory which encouraged people during the war to make full use of their garden for growing things. You could say that the Dumbells have certainly taken this philosophy of gardening and no space is wasted in a garden which leads one from area to area of different plants and hidden spaces.

Besides gardening the Dumbells love singing and as well as being in various local choirs are members of the Ipswich Gilbert and Sullivan Society and also the Bury St Edmunds Amateur Operatic and Drama Society. They are also keen on acting and many people will have seen Leslie as the Dame and Alison one of the Merry Men – Little Johnson in the 2016 pantomime, Robin Hood.

They have lived in Bressingham in their magnificent early 17th century thatched house for 7 years. Prior to that they ran the Village shop, Post Office and Tea Shop in Wortham.

Bressingham Steam & Gardens
Local resident's discount of 20% off a 1-3 person season ticket or 30% off a 4+ person from the same local address.
Claim your discount by showing proof of residence (eg a recent utility bill) when buying your tickets. Visit their website for more information >

The Head Gardener’s Honey is made by Jaime Blake, the garden curator at the Dell Garden. If you would like some honey it is available for £3.50 a jar. Please ring 01379 687721 or email Jaime.k.blake@gmail.com to arrange collection.

Spotted in Fersfield and Spotted in Bressingham - two Facebook pages, set up to let villagers know what's going on in their village. To join the groups and access the information just click on the underlined links above.


Dance Camp East is a unique family-friendly summer camp with an emphasis on dance, music, creativity and sustainability. It is run entirely by volunteers and is non-profit making. It's aim is to build a vibrant community during the 10 days people are together using everyone's individual talents and skills.

To find out more and book your place click here >

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Click here to go to the website for
Anglia in Bloom.

Wheelbarrow planting will be judged during the Open Gardens weekend by Rev Canon Tony Billett, and the most attractive/original will be awarded a prize.  Perhaps your planting (and colour scheme) will be based on a theme, such as the Queen’s 90th birthday? It would be fantastic if your planting could look good both in late June and throughout July so the planted wheelbarrows can help make Bressingham & Fersfield look good for Anglia in Bloom judging in July.  Judges will drive through the villages to get a general ‘feel’ for the village. Individual gardens are not visited, but judges will look to see, for example, the planted wheelbarrows and other planting.  Judges look for: horticultural achievement, environmental responsibility, community participation and sustainability. BRESSINGHAM AND FERSFIELD PARISH COUNCIL are leading the ANGLIA IN BLOOM entry.

Afternoon Club - enjoyed by all again!
report by Reg & Kay Brock

The Afternoon Club met for the 3rd time on the 12th April with about 30 people attending another fun packed afternoon. Tummy bugs and colds depleted our numbers slightly but those who were fit enough enjoyed an opening game of bingo followed by crafting workshops held by Jan, Kay and Molly. Jan took a group for cross-stitching whilst Kay had 6 enthusiastic ladies doing card stamping and colouring. Molly meanwhile showed some ladies how to crochet and they took their work home to continue practising. The other members played scrabble, did crosswords, colouring and 2 or 3 had a go on the refurbished darts board. For those of you who may not have been to a meeting please give us a go - we try and cater for all ages and tastes with over 10 different board games, crosswords, drawing as well as darts and table skittles. 

We were again grateful to the ladies who provided yummy cakes to go with the tea and coffee and to our band of stalwart helpers for setting up and tidying away. The next meeting will be held on the 10th May when we will start proceedings with a light hearted quiz. - see you all then!

Tue 14   Afternoon Club, 2-4 Bressingham Village Hall
Sat 25 and Sun 26
  Bressingham and Fersfield “Open Gardens” weekend. Gardeners Question Time - Saturday evening at the Village Hall
Tue 12   Afternoon Club, 2-4 Bressingham Village Hall
Tue 9   Afternoon Club, 2-4 Bressingham Village Hall
Sat 11   Flower and Produce Show

YOGA - Mon 9.30-11.00 am - Village Hall
For full details ring Jackie T: 01379 650513
Need tuition? Contact Sam Darlow T: 07714 706033 or email
Practice sessions: Saturday mornings from 10.30 until noon.
Contact: Davey Smith
T: 01379 641785 or E: the-orangery@tiscali.co.uk.
Visit the blog - http://boulez-vous.blogspot.co.uk/

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