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PARISH PARTICLES - June 2015 by Leo Pearce
Well, the Elections are behind us now and our new Parish Councillors are settling into their roles! Our newly elected team are: Janet Delasalle; Karl Traynier; Alison Lawson; Richard Spall; David Neville and John Kemp. There is also one co-opted member, Richard Hewitt, who is well known for his work monitoring local roads and reporting issues. Their contact details are on the Parish Council page of this site.
Karl continues as Footpath Warden as well as Parish Councillor.
The whole team are keen to get to know us locally, to understand concerns and to support and advise. Opportunities to meet the team are planned for later in the year and will be advertised with leaflets and posters, so keep an eye open for them!

Water problems?
If you have had problems with your water supply the Parish Council would like to know about it - please email: Janet on janet@delasalle.eu or T: 01379 687973

Local resident and business man Mervyn Porter has been investigating when the Bressingham exchange will be upgraded to Fibre and it seems there are no plans for this. Mervyn received this email from SNDC a few weeks ago:
Dear Mervyn,
I am writing to you because you have previously contacted the Better Broadband for Norfolk Programme.  Norfolk has completed a second procurement exercise to expand fibre broadband coverage across the county.
I'm sorry to have to tell you that your property will not receive a fibre upgrade as part of the second Better Broadband for Norfolk roll-out.
To achieve the greatest coverage possible for the investment available the Council has not identified specific locations for upgrade as this would have created technical constraints on BT and led to less coverage and speed uplift across Norfolk.  The current position is due to the following factors:
- The funding available for the first two tranches of the BBfN programme was only sufficient to provide access for 90% of Norfolk premises;
- Achieving a significant speed improvement would require more expensive types of broadband infrastructure.
The five rural Norfolk District Councils, have each allocated funding to further expand fibre broadband infrastructure within each District.  The extent of this additional coverage will be known by the end of this year.
Any property with access to a broadband speed of less than a minimum of 2 Mbps that will not benefit from a fibre upgrade to increase that speed, will have access to an alternative technology.  The Government is currently developing a national scheme to make this alternative technology available.  This scheme is expected to be available later this year.

Karen O’Kane
Programme Director – Better Broadband for Norfolk

Mervyn also spoke to BT a few days ago and they confirmed the Bressingham exchange was not being even considered during the next 6 month "window". So if you are interested in faster broadband, please register your interest by going to the OpenReach website - it only takes a minute: www.superfast-openreach.co.uk/expression-gen.aspx

AND if anyone knows any more about this, such as why Bressingham is being excluded, please email us.

The Diss Heritage Triangle project, supported by the Heritage Lottery Fund, contains proposals for the improvement of the townscape in Diss’ Market Hill, Market Place and St Nicolas Street. As part of this project a survey is being carried out on how existing car parking areas and spaces are used and what improvements might b required. This is not only for those living in Diss, but all living in villages that use Diss as a centre. Do please add your views at www.surveymonkey.com/s/dissparking2015 .  It only takes about 3 minutes.

Walk of Remembrance helps to raise vital funds
Click here to find out more >

Historical Snippets - Bressingham and Fersfield - June 2015 by Linda Holly
If anyone has information on life in Bressingham and Fersfield in WWI, please contact Linda on T: 01379 687729. 
Notes from the Archives:
Next time you visit our parish Church, take another look at the north aisle plaque to Edmund Salter, Clerk.   According to a microfiched document dated 1638 addressed to to the Bishop of Norwich, Edmund Salter (ordained in 1624) had paid for “beautifying” the church and arranging it “in a more decent and orderly manner than heretofore”.  The minister, churchwardens and “cheife inhabitants” of Bressingham requested a Faculty for assigning the “uppermost seate on the north side in the body of the church, w(hi)ch aslo ad(j)oyneth onto the Chancell” to Edmund Salter’s property “and tenement called Midleditches…..for posteritie”.  They hoped this “may be an inducement unto some other well disposed Christians” to similarly “manifest the like affection to our church”.
Read more click here > See more pictures >

Bressingham and District Ladies Group
Here's another great recipe from the Ladies Group ....
Jean Brown’s Belly Pork
6 Belly pork strips Print the recipe >
Tin of chopped tomatoes  
Salt and pepper  
Grated nutmeg  
  • Spread tomatoes on base of dish and season.
  • Lay belly pork on top.
  • Cook at 180C until top of pork is golden brown.
  • Remove from oven and stir in breadcrumbs, just enough to soak up juices.
  • Grate nutmeg over tomatoes and turn pork so that the unbrowned side is uppermost. 
  • Cook until nicely brown.
  • Serve with green vegetables and mashed potatoes – very colourful!
Click here for the LADIES GROUP EVENTS PROGRAMME. New members are welcome. Meetings are held on the 3rd Monday of each month, 7.30pm for 7.45pm unless stated.

Friends of St. John the Baptist, Bressingham
We established a community ‘Friends of St. John the Baptist, Bressingham’ on 12 November, 2014 and we currently have 16 members who paid £5 to join. As we all know, many of our ancient East Anglian parish churches are in a poor state of repair, and ours is no exception, particularly as all the gutters are failing and many have large holes! Our main priority is ensuring our beautiful medieval building survives for future generations. ‘Friends’ play an important role in ensuring the building survives and remains at the heart of our community. Our Friends can do as much or as little as they wish. Simply visiting the church helps the building stay alive; visitors may appreciate the church as a place for quiet reflection. Helping decorate the church (as several village groups did for Christmas 2014) can be fun and a fantastic community event. I think all Friends share an appreciation for the aesthetic, historical and cultural importance of our church; they are certainly playing their part, helping to preserve and restore the church just by paying an annual membership fee of £5. Friends can also support and inspire the small team of volunteers who are currently applying to funds (such as Heritage Lottery Fund) for essential (roof and gutters) repair work. Ideas are always welcome!

As a new group we are ‘finding our feet’ how best to fundraise and reintegrate our building into the heart of the community. For our first year we decided to focus on just a few community events. Our next is a ‘Wildflower Talk’ by Stella Taylor to be held in the church (slides) and churchyard on Saturday, 23 May at 3pm.  Refreshments will be served – if the weather is fine, why not picnic with the family.  On Sunday, 5 July, the Bishop of Thetford is coming to dedicate the newly refurbished church porch roof in memory of Rodger and Millie Aves. The service starts at 4pm. and refreshments will be served afterwards. PLEASE come and support us and remember two wonderful people who gave so much not just to the church but to the village of Bressingham.  You will be most welcome.Saturday, 27 June: Strawberry tea at the church - quintessentially summer England.

For further information on the Friends of St. John the Baptist, Bressingham, please contact Linda Holly (01379 687729) hollyjl@btinternet.com and Leonora Pearce (01379 688400) leonoramc53@gmail.com

MEET PEOPLE IN OUR COMMUNITY Interviews and photos by Liz Handy

David Neville is one of the new members of the Parish Council. 

He has had a home in Bressingham since 1981. He came to this area initially to be near his mother who lived near Ipswich. But he loves the countryside and the peace and quiet. Since being here he has become particularly interested in gardening and can now name every plant growing in his garden! He also has a productive vegetable garden.

David worked for many years as an actor working in radio, TV, film and theatre. He later trained as a psychotherapist, working in a London teaching hospital, and latterly in Private Practice. He is now almost retired, working just 2 days a week for the next year. This signals more time for Norfolk, and is enjoying spending more time here, and having been a 'part-time' resident for many years, looks forward to contributing to the community, and to get to know it better!

He hopes that more people will get to know their Parish Councilors and see them as people who represent their views in the  parish. He plans to spend some time walking round the villages of Bressingham and Fersfield and getting to know  the area more intimately. So watch out for him and if you see him do introduce yourselves! He would like to introduce again “the open garden” event that Fersfield and Bressingham successfully had some time ago. He would also like to arrange a “meet your Parish Councilor” event. Good luck David.

THE CHEQUERS from Paul Davey, Chairman, The Friends of Bressingham Chequers
To read what's happened to date click here >

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Wortham Church Special Organ Recital Peacemaking and Bach

Sat July 11th 7.30pm
click here for more details

Click here to watch 'The Waveney Valley Story' - a story of the Waveney Valley and the people who live and work on the Waveney -a concept film by Debbie and Sophie Gosman.

Bressingham Church held a very successful tea and wild flower talk and walk lead by Stella Taylor last Saturday. 25 different wild flowers were discovered walking round the churchyard and burial ground.  Over 50 people came and the sun shone.  £325 was raised  from plant and cake sales as well as entrance fees. See above right hand corner photos for more wild flowers the group saw.

An exciting development being planned by Sophie Gosman is the series of four summer film-shows, in the church, arranged with Sophie Clouston of Creative Arts East.  High quality equipment and training for the presenters are provided.   Keep a lookout for the posters and publicity – you can even state a preference for the films you would like, so do please come!


Have you noticed the Elderflowers?

This month their creamy white umbels are scenting hedgerows and lanes throughout the Parish.

Elder is a very ancient native plant and is steeped in superstition! In folklore it was believed to protect the house from evil spirits if grown by the entrance and was closely associated with the Earth Goddess.
All parts of the plants had a place in herbal medicine. An infusion of the flowers was used to treat colds and sore throats, the tree bark was used to speed up labour and the berries for treating
haemorrhoids! A more delectable and modern way to use the flowers is in Elderflower Champagne - click here for the recipe >

Warmer days encourage us outside and may even lure us further afield into the beautiful countryside and footpaths that surround us. If that's how you feel, give way to it! Walking is known to have many health benefits. Being out in the local environment provides nourishment for the mind and soul as well as exercise for the body. It puts one in touch with the seasons and natural changes. If you join up with a friend or two there is a great opportunity for conversation and sharing the pleasure of the walk. The spirits are really lifted, and it doesn't cost a penny. Take advantage of living in the countryside, make that first step to discovering the pleasures of walking in Bressingham and Fersfield! See also Bressingham and Fersfield Parish Walks and South Norfolk Walks

copyright Liz Handy

The Village Shop are now ....

We are trying to find out as much as we can about the allotments and their history so if you have any pictures or can give us any information, please email them to us

Bressingham Steam & Gardens
20% off a 1-3 person season ticket or 30% off a 4+ person from the same local address. Claim your discount by showing proof of residence (eg a recent utility bill) when buying your tickets.

Did you know that Bressingham Village Shop has one of the 7,000 recycling shoe banks for the Variety charity? They are able to raise thousands of pounds each year from our old shoes.  To find out more visit the Variety website - and please keep recyling!

YOGA - Mon 9.30-11.00 am - Village Hall
For full details ring Jackie T: 01379 650513
Want some tuition? Contact Sam Darlow T: 07714 706033 or email

Practice sessions are on Saturday mornings from 10.30 until noon (Wednesday sessions summer only).  Please contact Davey Smith on 01379 641785 or the-orangery@tiscali.co.uk. You might like to visit the blog - http://boulez-vous.blogspot.co.uk/

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