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Photo by Krys Wakefield Photo by Krys Wakefield Photo by Krys Wakefield Photo by Krys Wakefield
STOP PRESS! .......... STOP PRESS! ........... STOP PRESS!

Bressingham and Fersfield were awarded the Silver Certificate for the Village Category (up to 2,500 inhabitants) in this summer's 'Anglia in Bloom' awards.

We should be very proud of this, to add to the 'Open Gardens' success, and huge thanks and congratulations to all gardeners, wheelbarrow artists and others who contributed to this splendid result.  Special thanks to Linda Holly and Katherine Smith.

B & F Parish Council Community Connection - 7 September
from Richard Hewitt

So, the children are back at school, the grain harvest is done and the swifts are preparing to make their migration. As someone put it to me recently, it’s a season that’s rather good in parts!
The Parish Council held its last meeting in Fersfield Church on Monday: we return to the Village Hall for the winter season from next month. At our meeting on Monday (5 Sept), when going through the August minutes, we were pleased to note the satisfaction with the speed signs, combined with the realization that these signs and ‘Speedwatch’ can co-exist to enhance the safety of our roads. There has been effective repair to previously pot-holed roads – Halford Lane for example, and road markings are being re-laid. We are turning our attention to signage in general and some of the footpaths. We will be looking for co-operation with those involved to improve parking outside our school at muster times and to encourage careful road use in general! We maintain our efforts to invite the new Police Commissioner to visit us:  I’m sure he was very enthusiastic to come when I spoke to him before his election – but he now seems to feel that time is at a very strict premium. Funny how people see things a little differently once they’ve won an election…..

We were pleased to see our County Councillor, Beverley Spratt: it’s always very helpful to hear his views, but money at county level sounds to be very tight. We are looking at ways to recruit new members to the Parish Council – possibly to lower the average age of membership – and to redress gender balance! John Kemp has kindly agreed to become the Council’s Allotment Liaison person, and  we are hoping to do something to help provide a Christmas meal for those who have a shortage of family or resource. There’s plenty to do as we enter the Autumn season!  … And, I have this second heard that a new ‘Better Broadband’ cabinet is to be installed in Common Road ….. more on that later, I hope.

Brilliant weather and an excellent turn-out at this year's show which made approximately £200 for the Village Hall funds. Entries were up this year, with a couple of new villagers entering (and doing very well) in all classes. Cup winners this year are:
Bressingham Cup Margaret Winter
The Holmes Challenge Cup Alan Hines
Home Industries Cup Sharon Cole
H Burroughes & Son Cup (under 7's) Charlie Orford
The Country Homes Cup (age 8-11) Emma Neve
Irene Howard Cup (12-16) Sylvia Roberts
Well done to everyone who entered, supported, judged and helped on the day - we couldn't do it without you. Next year the Show will be held on Sunday 10th September. Hope to see you there.

Bressingham Church is currently in the ‘Development Phase’ with the Heritage Lottery Fund for a £249,000 grant to make the building watertight. Your input will demonstrate community consultation, helping this medieval building receive a grant so it can survive for future generations.
Please complete our survey - Click Here to print off your survey as a pdf or Click Here to complete it as a Word document and then please e-mail your responses to hollyjl@btinternet.com or phone Linda Holly: 01379 687729 or drop it through Linda's letterbox at The Highlands, High Road, Bressingham. Many thanks.

Honorary Secretary needed for Bressingham Parochial Church Council
Can you attend and take minutes of four meetings a year held on a Monday morning from approximately 10.30am - 12 noon in Bressingham? If so please contact Diana Burroughes on dianajb@btconnect.com or ring 01379 688291 for more details.

Farming In Fersfield and Bressingham - September report by Alison Orford
Who would ever have predicted the record breaking temperatures we recently enjoyed during early September, it felt as if the children should be home again enjoying the Summer Holidays!
Progress - The Oil Seed Rape crops drilled in August have been struggling due to the lack of moisture with the recent rain coming just in time …

The crop also has to contend with Flea Beetle which can munch heartily at these tender plants and leave a very distinct rounded pattern on the leaves together with some big holes!.  It is hard to spot them normally as the Cabbage Stem Flea Beetle is primarily nocturnal.

Left, the Cabbage Stem Flea Beetle at work ... taken at 9pm.

The sugar beet factory at Bury St Edmunds opens on the 4th October. On a clear day we will once again be able to see that distant plume of steam coming from the sugar refinery! This year’s crop has suffered in saturated soil conditions but has enjoyed the last few weeks of warmer weather. Again the recent rain has helped soften the ground and now harvest is not far away. On some of the heavier soils it will still prove difficult to lift the crop without damaging and bruising the beet.

The harvest festivals are upon us and I hope you enjoy the celebrations, together with the last rays of warm sunshine.

New Mobile App for Norfolk Library and Information Service
Norfolk County Council has a new mobile phone app to help you keep track off your library account, manage your loans and account information, make it easier to renew your items wherever you are, search for books and place holds on interesting items, download e-books, e-audio books and magazines and use the camera on your phone to scan the barcode on a book, CD, DVD or other item to see if there are any available copies at your local library. Click here for more information >

Memories of Stone Lane farm, Fersfield - from Sarah Roberts
As part of proposals to restore the house on the bend at Stone Lane, Fersfield, Mrs Dorothy Smith recalls some memories which may be of interest.
Memories of Dorothy (nee Deveraux) and Brian Smith,
recorded by Christine Murton, 30 August 2016
Following our visit with Dorothy and Brian Smith on 30th 0f August 2016, I confirm Dorothy grew up in the house on Stone Lane, at the time they simply referred to it as the Deveraux House Stone Lane, Fersfield. The family moved there in 1945 from South Lopham. She lived there with her Parents Violet and Fred Deveraux and her brother Tommy until she married Brian Smith in the early 1960s. Both Dorothy and Tommy went to Bressingham School.
Fred Deveraux was a river dredger based at East Harling, and a regular at Bressingham Bowls Club. Dorothy’s mother remained in the house with Tommy after the death of Fred until around 1974, as a widow. The then owner, Gerald Worby charged no rent. Dorothy states he always treated the family well and speaks very fondly of her time living at the house. In 1974 Violet and Tommy moved to Olsens farm (now Holdsworth farm, Fersfield), where Tommy became a farmhand. Click to read more >. If anyone else has any memories or information about the property at Stone Lane (opposite Poplar Tree farmhouse) I would like to hear them. Please ring Tel: 01379 687705.

Alan is selling beautiful peaches and nectarines at the moment. His own cooked food is still really popular, and he'd just got a tray of pecan pies out of the oven when I went to the shop. A real treat. You can also get tickets and information about local community events. The tickets for 'Checkout Girls' are selling as well as the lemon tarts, get yours soon. 
Times of opening of your village shop are:  
Mon - Fri 7.30am - 5.00pm
Saturday 7.30am - 1.00pm
Sunday 8.30am - 1.00pm

Bressingham and District Ladies Group - New members always welcome

The Ladies Club September meeting featured one of our members, Sharon Phillips, who demonstrated cake decoration. Sharon has taught classes in these skills at West Suffolk College and also had a shop selling the huge range of cake making and decorating accessories. We were shown how to apply the perfect fondant icing and how to make figures, holly leaves and Christmas Roses using modelling paste. Sharon’s amazing skills impressed us all and she provided us with great ideas for our Christmas cakes this year. Even better, members were able to share the iced cake with their refreshments. Over 30 ladies attended and we were delighted to welcome new members and visitors.

Many thanks go to Sharon for her hard work in preparing and delivering such a lovely evening.

The next meeting is at 7:30 on Monday, 17th October, when Brian Norman will give
a talk entitled “My Life with Our Bees" and bring honey for sale at the meeting.

Visitors and new members are always most welcome to our meetings which are held in Bressingham Village Hall on the 3rd Monday of each month, 7.30pm for 7.45pm unless stated. Annual membership £20 - Visitors £3.


Go on – have a glass of red wine! According to various studies, it'll do you good -
• Promotes longevity
• Improves short term memory
• Reduces the risk of heart disease
• Promotes eye health
• Cuts cancer risk
• Improves dental health
• Lowers cholesterol
• Helps to fend off colds
Good Health!

Wildflower of the Month - August/September by Leo Pearce
This dew draped toadflax was snapped in Fen Lane, but can be seen all over the countryside, under hedgerows and along verges. Its pale yellow flowers with their striking orange spot are always a welcome sight; especially for the large bees that are its pollinators. The orange spot is known as a honey guide. The bee is drawn to land on this spot, its weight then opens the flower a little to give access to the nectar within. As the bee sups on the nectar its back is covered with pollen from the stamens of the flower. The plant has a bitter milky juice, which protects it from being eaten by cattle. It has been put to use in making a yellow dye, treating liver problems and making an ointment for the treatment of piles, sunburn and skin eruptions.
A good all rounder!

Open to new members. Please contact Pam Lombok for details pamlombok@yahoo.co.uk
  Mobile Library
  Visits Bressingham and Fersfield monthly. Full timetable >

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We want to make this community website a useful and fun source of information covering all that’s happening in our villages so we need YOUR HELP - if you have any news, event information or items of interest please click here to email us

Tue 27   Afternoon Club visit to Bressingham Gardens and Museum
Fri 7   "Checkout Girls" - Bressingham Village Hall - £7.00pm - Tickets £7.50 each from the Village Shop
Sat 8   Macmillan Coffee Morning, 10am-1pm - 6 Common Road, Bressingham, IP22 2AX
Sun 9   Harvest Festival, Fersfield Church - Service at 11.00am and Harvest Lunch at 12.30pm
Sun 9   Harvest Festival, Bressingham Church - 9.30am
Tue 11   Afternoon Club, 2-4 Bressingham Village Hall
Sat 15   Quiz - 7.30pm for 8.00pm start - Bressingham Village Hall, £2.50 per head - T: 01379 688375 for more info
Tue 25   Afternoon Club, Pub Meal, South Lopham White Horse
Tue 8   Afternoon Club, 2-4 Bressingham Village Hall
tbc   Ceilidh - date to be confirmed so keep checking!
Tue 13   Afternoon Club Christmas Party, 1-4 Bressingham Village Hall
Tue 10   Afternoon Club, 2-4 Bressingham Village Hall

Even though the temperature was  in the high 20's, 20+ members gathered at the Village Hall for the 8th meeting of the Afternoon Club. We started with a "Call my Bluff" quiz which brought many 'oohs and aahs' among the members as the 10 words were read out with 3 different meanings. One of our group managed to get 8 out 10 which was very good and won two of Alan's lovely cakes from the shop. Our Sunflower competition was won by Sue Kemp with a height of over 11ft - well done Sue (& Mick). We will be doing this again next year when hopefully the weather will be kinder to us.

We then moved around and Christmas card making, Scrabble and other games were played. Also this afternoon our members added to the blanket already knitted by them with many towels, sheets, and dog food which will be taken to the Dog's Trust at Snetterton towards the end of September.

On the 27th September we are hoping to take a group of our members to Bressingham Gardens and Museum - any friends and family can join us. The cost is £7.50 per person and if this amount in cash could be placed in an envelope with name, tel no and amount written on, and either put through the letterbox at Abbotswood or handed in to Alan at the shop. As we have to give numbers to Bressingham Gardens & Museum we will need this money in by the 24th September.

The Afternoon Club wheelbarrow is now nearing the end so we have purchased a half barrel to take its place. A shrub and suitable plants will be purchased to compliment the garden in the near future.

Our next meeting is the 11th October please come and join us, when we will be making Christmas decorations and also you can have a go at making a photo frame in wood.

Click here to email Jackie
YOGA - Mon 9.30-11.00 am - Village Hall
A small yoga group has been running for many years now on Monday mornings at Bressingham Village Hall from 9.30-11am. Hatha yoga is taught by Jackie Samways, a British Wheel of Yoga qualified teacher.  She has many years experience in practising as well as teaching yoga and continues to further her knowledge, through training, in order to pass on the wonderful benefits of yoga. The benefits include gaining physical flexibility, suppleness and strength achieved by asana (postures) together with pranayama (breathing exercises) to encourage full use of the lungs and meditation/relaxation to create a calmer mind and greater sense of well-being. The class is suitable for all abilities, complete beginners or those with some experience, and all ages. Emphasis is placed on the non-competitiveness of yoga so that students learn to appreciate and work with their own personal abilities.  For information about availability of spaces or any other details please contact Jackie on 01379 650513/mobile 07868 314805 or email jackiecornish@live.com
Other classes are also available as follows:
Mon  11.15 - 12.15am Bressingham Village Hall - Chair Yoga
Tue 10 - 11.30am   Wortham Village Hall
Thu 9.30 - 11.00am Shelfanger Village Hall
Thu 11.45am - 1.15pm Wortham Village Hall
Fri 9.30 - 11.00am Mellis Memorial Hall
Ideal for those who are unable to attend a general class AND anyone who is interested in a gentler approach to yoga postures, meditation, breath work and relaxation. Much of the work is chair based, with some standing to encourage increased joint mobility, improve circulation, confidence and strength and general well-being. For details: Jackie Samways, British Wheel of Yoga Qualified Teacher - T: 01379 650513 or email: jackiecornish@live.com
Monday mornings 11.15-12.15am Bressingham Village Hall
A MEDITATION COURSE SUITABLE FOR COMPLETE BEGINNERS, OR THOSE WITH SOME EXPERIENCE, WILL BEGIN IN THE AUTUMN OF 2016.  DETAILS TO FOLLOW. For more information please contact Jackie on T: 01379 650513/mobile 07868 314805 or email.

There are various teams playing at Bressingham on Saturday mornings and Sunday. The teams start from U7 and go up to U16 age groups with coaching for girls and boys starts from 5 years old upwards. For more information contact Mark Channell by email at markv414@hotmail.com or call T: 01379 650591.

All enquiries re becoming a member and use of the court to
Brenda Webb T: 01379 688375 or email
The course is in Village Hall Car Park. Anyone in the community is welcome to play.  Please bring your own boules.
What about playing on our Community Petanque Court?
Open at all times

How would you like to win £10 or £25?
Then join the 59 Club and also support your local Church. We have 7 spare numbers waiting for you – just telephone 01379 688331 or email Reg or Kay at regkaybrock@btinternet.com for further information.

Bressingham Steam & Gardens
Local resident's discount of 20% off a 1-3 person season ticket or 30% off a 4+ person from the same local address. Claim your discount by showing proof of residence (eg a recent utility bill) when buying your tickets. Visit their website for more information >
SPECIAL EVENT - Vintage Farming Day - Vintage Rally & Full Steam Event
Sun 25 Sep 2016 - BUY YOUR TICKETS NOW >>
A wide variety of vintage agricultural machinery and tractors will be on show, joined by some visiting Steam Traction Engines including the Showman's Engine 'Queen Mary' from the Burrell Museum in Thetford. It will be a ‘Full Steam Day’ running all steamable engines at the museum.
Martello, the recently restored Terrier Tank engine will be running for testing on the Standard Gauge Railway. There will be the usual 3 steam narrow gauge railways in operation along with a 2ft Railway Slate Train. The Bressingham Steam society also plan to operate the miniature steam Railway.
What's On - Diss Corn Hall Read about Bressingham School Read the COCK CROW & TEAM NEWS
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