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B & F Parish Council Community Connection - July
from Richard Hewitt

The minutes of our Parish Council meetings are published on this Website and the villages’ notice boards, but there are several issues from the July meeting that it will be useful to underline: one of these concerns an initiative to introduce a ‘Carers’ Card’.  I think we would all agree that among our greatest contemporary heroes as those people, from right across the age range, who look after friends and relatives who have particular needs, perhaps connected with an illness or mobility issues.  The Carers’ Card will contain essential information – important contacts, services and so on -which can be conveniently accessed by carers or someone acting on their behalf.  There will be more details in due course: further support for those looking after others will be immensely valuable.

The A1066 gives us some concerns at present. There has been a recent accident on the A1066, near the School Road junction, (traffic speeds along the ‘Chequers’ stretch too frequently) to say nothing of the flooding that can cause a hazard.  I walked from Blooms to the School Road junction yesterday – it was dry, weather was perfect, but the walk was awful.  The kerb/verge on both sides is uneven and rutted, and there are raised ironworks.  The Council has given NCC Highways a report recently, and we shall maintain our efforts to get this stretch of road made far safer, and also continue to push for a reduced speed limit. Click here to continue reading Richard's July Community Connection >>

We're looking for two volunteers in Bressingham and one in Fersfield to work with Karl Traynier to help with the new
SAM (Speed Awareness Message) mobile signs.
Activated by passing vehicles, the signs remind drivers and riders in Norfolk about the dangers of excessive and inappropriate speed by displying the speed they are travelling and a 'SLOW DOWN' warning. The signs will be in Bressingham and Fersfield on alternate months. Volunteers need to be fit and strong as the signs are fairly heavy. Clamped and locked to posts for a period of time, the signs will be in various locations in each village during their monthly stay. Volunteers will be asked to move them, monitor them and wipe the screens with a damp cloth every now and then. If you can help, please telephone Karl (T: 01379 688413) or email him

MEET PEOPLE IN OUR COMMUNITY interview and photo by Liz handy
Michelle was born in Bressingham so was her Dad, her Granddad and her Grandmother. She is a real country girl and her love of growing things and tending animals comes from her family’s farming background. Michelle is the Chair of the Allotment Association at the back of Piper’s Piece in Common Road, Bressingham. Not only is she Chair but she was the first person 10 years ago to have an allotment. Originally all this land, including the land on which the houses are built, was Parish Land for poor people to grow their vegetables on and you were means tested to use it. 

The present allotments are now for rent and anyone can apply - there are 27 plots and currently there are 2 plots free so anyone interested in having an allotment should get in touch with Michelle on michelle.lanchester@googlemail.com

Michelle lives near the Allotments in Common Road with her partner Matt and two boys. She went to Bressingham Primary School and then onto Diss High School. Out of the 13 people in her class at the High School she still knows 3.

Michelle grows fruit and vegetables on her plot. She is keen that her two children learn where food comes from.  Bailee 6 and Levi 9 have their own plots and love to help by cutting the grass and looking after their plants. This year the boys have helped to make 10lbs of raspberry jam.  They like to give it to their teachers at school. They try to be self sufficient in vegetables and freeze quite a bit. They also have 8 pigs which they get at 6 weeks old as weaners. They keep them until they are about 25 weeks and then take them to the abattoir. The pigs live at a local farm but are looked after by Michelle and the boys. Their biggest pig produced 58.8 kilos of meat last year.

As well as being a Mum Michelle is a self employed care worker. She is social services accredited and does a regular job looking after someone for 40 hours a week. She is a level 3 care worker. Michelle was a major volunteer with the Community Speedwatch in the Village and took over the co-ordinator's role when Margaret Harris stepped down. As a result of their data on speeding in both Bressingham and Fersfield the PC have obtained a portable SAM (Speed Awareness Message) which flashes your speed as you pass it.  This she hopes will reduce the speed of vehicles in the community and make it a safer place to live. Michelle is Football Manager for Scole Village under 8’s (U8).  Both her boys are keen footballers. She has completed a football course as well as a first aid course. Luckily Michelle’s Mum lives one but next door so is able to help with the boys. Michelle was involved in helping with the Parish Plan.

On Saturday 3rd and Sunday 4th September Michelle is organizing a Scarecrow Competition for the allotment holders' children and grandchildren. Why not come along and have a look both at the Scarecrows but also the wonderful work being done in the community allotments.

Bressingham and District Ladies Group - New members always welcome

The Sandringham Flower Show on July 27th provided a great “Out Meeting” for members and their guests. A rainy start to the day changed to glorious sunshine and we arrived just in time to see Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall touring the show site in their horse-drawn carriage.

Show gardens, fantastic floral displays, tempting plant sales, events in the main arena, music and refreshing Pimms combined to make it an extremely enjoyable day.
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June 18th Meeting - Women Racing Drivers at Le Mans  

Celia Stevens enthralled her audience with her story. She gained her licence to race Classic cars at the Snetterton School, the first woman to do so there. She went on to race at circuits all over the UK.

In 2002 she gained entry to the Classic Le Mans with her magnificent Peerless (1958). Celia returned as part of a team in 2008, the only female driver, placed 30th out of 65. In 2010, Celia and her friend Antonia, formed an all women team, racing and maintaining a vintage Citroen. They were placed 40th and presented with a limited edition watch awarded for an exceptional contribution and achievement by sponsor Richard Mill.

Celia hopes to return to Le Mans with her Peerless in 2018. Her great passion for her sport is infectious and she was able to convey to us what a magical place the racetrack is when filled with thousands of Classic car enthusiasts.

The next meeting is at 7:30 on Monday, 18th September, when Sharon Phillips will demonstrate Cake Decoration and Figures with a Christmas theme.

Visitors and new members are always most welcome to our meetings which are held in Bressingham Village Hall on the 3rd Monday of each month, 7.30pm for 7.45pm unless stated. Annual membership £20 - Visitors £3.

  RECIPE from Sharon Cole
  Delicious Banana Tea Bread Tray Bake
(Serves 12)

Click here to read more and print >>


Delicious small quiches freshly cooked at the Village shop plus take away home-made meals at £6 each   The Recycle bin for shoes has moved
Times of opening of your village shop are:  
Mon - Fri 7.30am - 5.00pm
Saturday 7.30am - 1.00pm
Sunday 8.30am - 1.00pm

Click here to see all the information you need to enter

A Walk to remember a loved one
Rosedale Funeral Home is inviting families who have lost a loved one to join them again this year to their annual Walk of Remembrance in Diss on Saturday 3rd September. “The walk is an opportunity to remember a loved one whilst enjoying the beautiful local scenery on what we hope will be a memorable autumnal day” says Christian Fairbrother, Funeral Director at Rosedale Diss. “Please feel free to bring along your family and friends including four legged friends, so we can all take the time together to remember those we have lost. There will be a choice of two circular routes around the picturesque market town of Diss and the surrounding countryside in: - a three mile walk or a shorter route of one mile. This year, the local village of Palgrave has been incorporated into the longer route. Following one minute of silence, a dove release will mark the start of the walks, which begin at 11.00 am from The Mere, Diss. During each walk, there is the opportunity to visit St Mary’s Church, where a special ‘Book of Remembrance’ will be in place in which a message can be written and there will be an opportunity to light a candle. “The Walks of Remembrance are a way for the staff at Rosedale to give something back to our families, and to let you know that you are never far from our thoughts as well as supporting those who are bereaved in our local community”.
To register please contact info@rosedalefuneralhome or 01379 640810 for a registration form.

With all the sports in the news and on the TV have you felt inspired to join in? If you happen to strain muscles or experience any soft tissue damage with all the activity remember PRICE
PROTECTION: protect the injured part from further damage
REST: rest up – give the tissue time to mend
ICE: a bag of cold peas on the injured part is great for reducing swelling and inflammation
ELEVATION: the affected part above heart

Open to new members. Please contact Pam Lombok for details pamlombok@yahoo.co.uk
  Mobile Library
  Visits Bressingham and Fersfield monthly. Full timetable >

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WHERE ARE THEY NOW? report by Liz Handy

It's three years since we visited Adrian and Moira Kinnear King in their new home in France (see Archives/Community People page 3). At that time, Adrian had been living there and working on the house whilst Moira was still based in Fersfield and since then they have sold their Fersfield home and Moira has joined Adrian – and made the big move. During the time since our last visit the house has had an enormous amount of work done on it, mostly by Adrian.

Adrian in his professional workshop just off the kitchen.

You will see them in the archive picture sitting in their only habitable room - now this room is their bedroom with an ensuite bathroom and dressing room - see from the picture of Moira and Janet.
The view is still to die for looking out at the vines and when we arrived they were in the midst of supervising the building of their swimming pool. Moira’s condition of moving to France was to have a swimming pool and a horse - the horse is yet to come!
Moira has now settled in. Her French may not be as good as Adrian’s,  however she bravely goes to a line dancing class once a week with her French neighbours and  has also joined a riding  group, so she is catching Adrian up fast.

Our surprise was to find Janet and Tony Delasalle staying there too.  They sold their house in Fersfield earlier this year and decided to rent a house in France for three months. France did its magic on them and they are now in the process of buying one near Chalais. They are staying with Adrian and Moira until they move in September. Their two cats are very much at home in France as is Sam the Kinnear King’s dog. There is also a touch of Norfolk in the courtyard – a bell from Gazes’ auction hangs on the wall.

Adrian's work in the house is of outstanding quality – and Moira too has been working hard as his assistant. There is still a bit of work to be done on their gite which they will be renting out next summer.  An amazing apartment that will sleep at least 12 with a huge living space.  The Delasalles have been helping them too but they themselves have decided on buying a house which has already been modernised by another English couple! Good luck to both.

NB Janet Delasalle was Chair of the Bressingham and Fersfield Parish Council until last year. Adrian was for many years on the PC as well as very active with the Drama Club often writing the pantomines.
See these and more photos from our visit >>

Read all about it >>
See photos & other info from the event >>

This year the annual Bike ride is on Saturday 10th September. 
     Please encourage friends and neighbours to take part in this important fundraiser for the Norfolk Churches Trust.
Why not join in (maybe with your family), have fun cycling and visiting beautiful churches with the added bonus helping raise money for your two local churches. Jan Sumpter (church warden of Fersfield Church) will be doing the bike ride with her daughter Liv so if anyone has any questions call her on (01379) 687711.
Click here for a Registration Form
Click here for a Sponsorship Form or pick one up from Bressingham and Fersfield Churches.

AFTERNOON CLUB - Walk and Picnic on Tuesday 26th
The weather was pleasantly warm when 7 members of the Afternoon Club spent an enjoyable afternoon at Knettishall Heath. Following a short walk by a few of the group we had a lovely picnic and plenty of humorous chatter. It was decided that we would do it again when hopefully more members will join us - in the future we hope to go the Blacksmiths Garden Centre and Shoreland Wildlife.
We welcome any new members (no membership fee) to come and enjoy a carefree afternoon at our Afternoon Club where we have fun with lots of tea, coffee and delicious homemade cakes all for the cost of £2.50. Our next meeting is on the 9th August - look forward to seeing you there.

My name is Morgan Roberts, I'm 17 and I am going to Sri Lanka in the summer of 2017. I am going with a group of students at my school, and the trip is organised through an amazing organisation called World Challenge, which helps us raise money for the trip, plan what we want to achieve while there and support us while we are there too. Whilst there we are planning on helping a small village community restore their school buildings, living and socialising amongst the community. We also will be trekking through jungle in the country and have a few days leisure such as helping bathe baby elephants.
The trip costs £4000 and we are encouraged to raise as much of this as we can by ourselves. I have a part time job for this, as well as fund-raising events I am organising between now and the trip.
I have done a few events so far, including a bingo night at Bressingham village hall and a "prom" at my house, both of which raised over £135 each. Overall within the last few months I have raised around £300, but now that my exams are over I hope to host many more events, especially over the summer. For example I will be hosting a summer party at our house, a Sri Lankan curry evening, and a music evening near the end of August in Diss. More information on these events will be shown on my Facebook page My World Challenge - Sri Lanka and on this website. You can also find out more about World Challenge itself (click here).If anyone is interested in helping me with my fundraising, I am available for babysitting throughout the summer. If you would like my services please contact me  I am also hoping to run stalls at events going on around this area etc and if anyone is arranging anything I could help out at I would be more than thankful. 

Tue 9   Afternoon Club, 2-4 Bressingham Village Hall
Sun 11   Flower and Produce Show
Tue 13   Afternoon Club, 2-4 Bressingham Village Hall
Tue 10   Afternoon Club, 2-4 Bressingham Village Hall
Tue 8   Afternoon Club, 2-4 Bressingham Village Hall
Tue 13   Afternoon Club, 2-4 Bressingham Village Hall

YOGA - Mon 9.30-11.00 am - Village Hall
For full details ring Jackie T: 01379 650513
Need tuition? Contact Sam Darlow T: 07714 706033 or email
Practice sessions: Saturday mornings from 10.30 until noon.
Contact: Davey Smith
T: 01379 641785 or E: the-orangery@tiscali.co.uk.
Visit the blog - http://boulez-vous.blogspot.co.uk/

How would you like to win £10 or £25?
Then join the 59 Club and also support your local Church. We have 7 spare numbers waiting for you – just telephone 01379 688331 or email Reg or Kay at regkaybrock@btinternet.com for further information.

Bressingham Steam & Gardens
Local resident's discount of 20% off a 1-3 person season ticket or 30% off a 4+ person from the same local address. Claim your discount by showing proof of residence (eg a recent utility bill) when buying your tickets. Visit their website for more information >

Wildflower of the Month - July - by Leo Pearce
This knapweed was photographed in Darrow Lane. Its bright colour really stands out in the field edges and insects love it!
Unmarried people used to wear the buds in their button holes. If the bloom opened they knew their true love was close by. Very useful! Knapweed has a long history of use in medicine. Extracts of the plant are still used by herbalists today as a tonic and a diuretic.

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