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UK Power Networks have a new contact number in the event of a power cut......................

Freephone 0800 316 3105  and local call rate from mobiles 0333 323 2105

Do you know any folk who could be vulnerable in a power cut? If so encourage them to register with Networks Priority Services Register.  It is FREE and entitles them to extra help such as updates or home visits. It is the same free phone number.

The EDP is backing this year's Surviving Winter Appeal led by the Norfolk Community Foundation in partnership with Age UK Norfolk. It raises money to help those who can't afford to heat their homes.  To request support from this fund contact Age UK Norfolk on 01603 787111.

If you require any help in contacting these services please contact: Jan Delasalle T: 01379 687973
(Chair, Bressingham and Fersfield Parish Council )

PARISH PARTICLES by Leo from the PC - 7 November 2014

November has brought a definite chill in the air, making us think of winter days ahead. With this in mind, Norfolk County Council are offering a presentation on an initiative to support members of the community affected by severe winter weather. If you're interested in attending, let Mike Mortimer know. If enough people respond a presentation can be arranged for the villages.

At the PC meeting on 1st November the potential for disturbance to neighbours by changing property usage was highlighted. Noise can be a real issue, but quite hard to define and measure. For example the noise of general conversation is very different to the noise from heavy traffic. Low bass noises have a different effect than higher frequency sounds.

Although bottles can now be placed in Green Bins, remember that those that go into bottle banks generate funds for local charities and causes. Considerate bottle bank users are highly valued!

INFOBOX 3 - Parish Council Elections

Parish Council elections take place every 4 years. Ours are next due in May 2015.
Here's you chance to get involved, join a friendly crew and make your mark! Bressingham and Fersfield Parish Council has a complement of 9 Parish Councillors. The Parish Council tries to keep a balance of members from both villages.

Contested Elections
If more than 9 members of our community stand for the 9 Parish Councillor places, a poll must take place. No-one I have spoken to can remember this happening in our community, let us know if you do.  2015 could be the year!

Uncontested Elections
If 9 members of the community or less stand for the 9 Parish Councillor places they are elected unopposed and there is no poll.

If fewer than 9 members stand, the Parish Council is required to appoint the remainder.

Casual Vacancies
Parish Councillor vacancies that come up during the 4 year term are filled by appointment unless 10 residents request an election.

Parish Council Elections. A Guide to Election Procedures - South Norfolk Council 2007

Water problems?
If you have had problems with your water supply the Parish Council would like to know about it - please email: Janet on janet@delasalle.eu or T: 01379 687973

MEET PEOPLE IN OUR COMMUNITY Interviews and photos by Liz Handy

A new comer to our community is Eddie Cullen. He has not moved very far. He lived in Ipswich before where he worked as a purchasing agent at RAF Bentwaters an American Air Base near Woodbridge.
Eddie is a keen wildlife photographer - and some of his beautiful images are on the website in the article Karl wrote about Boyland Common. The image of the Eagle was also taken there. More can be seen at the top right hand corner of this page.  

Ed would spend half the year on and off over 5 years in Scotland, he loved the landscape and would wonder the forrests looking for wildlife and anything else of interest.

The tree bark image is in the natural abstract category of the Scottish Nature Photography Awards Portfolio Yearbook 2013 where he was short listed for an award.
Eddie’s favourite image is the one of the Red Squirrel coming down a tree evacuating its Kit (baby) from the threat of a Buzzard in the area. This is a very rare image and not many people have seen this. The image of the mother and baby leaping though the air was taken just before.
Ed is a good example of someone who can live in the country without a car he will walk 20 minutes to Bressingham to get the bus to Diss.


It is exactly 60 years since American airman Lieut Joe P Kennedy was killed in the skies over East Anglia while he was testing a new US Air Force secret weapon. Yet the tragic death of the 26-year-old who was destined to become President of the United States is still unmarked and un-commemorated in the village of Fersfield where he was stationed.

Historians have expressed surprise and disappointment that the older brother of President Jack Kennedy, who did take on the mantle as leader of the world’s most powerful nation, and his colleagues are not given even the smallest footnote in the village. There is nothing by way of tribute at the site of the former airfield although many of the buildings and taxiways are still standing – some used as grain and farm machinery stores.

Now an East Anglian press agency is keen to discover why it would seem Lieut Kennedy has been written out of history and forgotten.

“Apart from a few exhibits at the Norfolk and Suffolk Aviation Museum at Flixton, there is no tangible evidence that the man who would have been the first Irish-American Roman Catholic president of the United States of America had connections with East Anglia – and died in the skies over Suffolk,” said news editor Richard Goss.

“We are in touch with the Joe P Kennedy Foundation in America but we would very much like to hear from anyone who remembers that period of the war when some 2,000 servicemen were stationed at Fersfield. A lot of people have expressed their disappointment at the lack of any kind of tribute to the courage of Lieut Kennedy and the other Allied servicemen and women who were stationed at Fersfield. The American 8th Air Force used it as the base for Operation Anvil, an extraordinary experiment to fly unmanned bombers packed with explosive into the heart of occupied Europe. Their primary targets were the V2 rocket factories and bases in Northern France but unfortunately Lieut Kennedy and his co-pilot were killed when their Liberators blew up before they had a chance to exit the aircraft.”

If you can help with the research or story, please contact: news@angliapressagency.co.uk or telephone 01284 702421.

For more details about Fersfield Airfield go to Evelyn Simak’s description and photos via this link: http://www.geograph.org.uk/article/RAF-Fersfield---USAAF-Station-554

I am very pleased to report that the roof on the church porch has now been repaired. Oak has been spliced into the roof timbers from the inside and this material has also been used to hang the new gutters from. The down pipes have been replaced and the rain water now gets away.  At last this roof is waterproof and no more damage can be done to it by the rain. Zinc was used which we hope will not be as vulnerable as the lead it replaced.  Unfortunately the work has taken all of the money we had raised in memory of Rodger and Millie, but to all those kind people who gave so generously, you can now look up and see what you have helped us to achieve. A proportion of the cost went on the inevitable fees from the architect, which we had to have, and South Norfolk Council. We are hopeful that we will be able to eventually reclaim some, if not all, of the VAT (about £2,500).  In the short term this money will be found from somewhere else.  
  before after
We have other plans. As the church is on the English Heritage at risk register, we can apply for funding from the lottery.  We plan to do just this and at the moment a team of people are working towards this aim. If we are successful we hope that the rest of the work needed on the porch may then be able to be done.  We will no doubt have to raise a significant amount of money ourselves if we are to protect this lovely grade 1 building for future generations.

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We're looking for someone retired or younge,r who is familiar with figures. The committee meet about every six weeks. Not too hard if done on a regular basis and the outgoing Treasurer is willing to hand over and explain accounts.  If you are interested please call
Allan Byrne 01379 688452 or Brenda Webb 01379 688375.

Does anybody remember the old CB radio days? Well I do for one - I previously was a member of the REACT Team and we dealt with traffic accidents, missing persons etc. Folks called channel 9 on the CB radio and then we would telephone the relevant emergency service and pass on the details. Well those days are gone but the chances of things happening are still there!

Well as part of the NORFOLK RESILIENCE FORUM (please take a few minutes to look at the website via the link) you will see what Parish Council members under the co-ordination of Janet Delasalle, Alison Orford and Karl Traynier are hoping do to bring these parishes together in the event of a serious incident occurring.

As part of this planning the Parish Council are trying put together a group of 4x4 vehicle owners to act as couriers to take people to the doctors or pick up meds or even deliver food in the event of severe weather or some other incident. The duties may involve helping to evacuate people from their homes and deliver them to a Help Centre. if you would like to register as a member and support us please contact Karl Traynier (E: bandfpathwarden@hotmail.co.uk or telephone 01379 688413), orr you can contact any member of the Parish Council - click here for details.

THE CHEQUERS - UPDATE - 18 November 2014
report from Paul Davey, Chairman, The Friends of Bressingham Chequers Community Asset Group

I am very pleased to announce that at the Planning Committee meeting on Friday 14th November the application for Change of  Use of the Chequers was rejected on the grounds that:

The proposal would result in the loss of an important community facility. The application process has demonstrated there is a need within the community for the building to remain as a public house and a demand from someone to operate it as such. In addition it has not been adequately demonstrated that the business could not be viable nor that the property has been adequately marketed at a reasonable agreed price for a minimum six-month period.

At the Planning Meeting, Keith Weeks our local District Councillor, presented a very strong case for rejecting the application. The Knox Johnston’s said that there plans had changed and that they intended to live in the pub and therefore only have 3 letting rooms. They also said that there had been nothing removed from the Pub and that the current works inside are only to make the Pub safe.  The applicants now have the following alternatives::

  • appeal the decision
  • follow the proper process and advertise the pub for saler
  • run the Chequers as a Pub
  • live in the upstairs residential part of the building
  • think of something else to do with pub
We will now have to wait and see what their future plans are.

SATURDAY 13th DECEMBER - QUIZ SUPPER - 7.30pm - £5.00 per head with Supper. Please book in advance call Brenda: 0379 688375

£30 for 6 sessions (advance payment) or £6 each 2-hour session. Trained coach and equipment supplied. Details T: 01379 688375
YOGA - Mon 9.30-11.00 am - Village Hall
For full details ring Jackie T: 01379 650513
PILATES - Village Hall
Contact Amanda via her website or T: 07557 025513
Want some tuition? Contact Sam Darlow T: 07714 706033 or email
We play all year round and have one team in both the Norfolk & Norwich League and Suffolk Coastal League. Feel free to come along on Saturday (from 10.30qm) to try out the game. Visit our blog

Keep you up to date with community and church events - www.facebook.com/fersfieldchurch

We are planning a series of events to commemorate World War 1 and would like to hear from anyone with recollections passed down the generations about life in our area during World War 1. We would particularly appreciate information about local people who served during the war. Please contact: Linda Holly (T: 01379 687729) or Leo Pearce (T: 01379 688400).

Bressingham Steam & Gardens
20% off a 1-3 person season ticket or 30% off a 4+ person from the same local address. Claim your discount by showing proof of residence (eg a recent utility bill) when buying your tickets.

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