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PARISH PARTICLES by Leo from the PC - August 2014

Have you ever wondered what the your Parish Council is for? Who can be a Parish Councillor? What does the job involve? What happens at Parish Council meetings? This regular item will address some of these questions.

It's been a busy summer for the Parish Council, still reeling from the sad loss of our much loved stalwart, Roger Aves.  In the Spring we elected our new Chair, Jan. She ably chaired her very first meeting in this role in July.

In every parish it is the Planning issues that spark most discussion, and our Parish is no exception. While national government has been on holiday, the volunteer Parish Council Team have been working hard to raise awareness of local planning issues! In truth, we have relished the chance to meet and chat to our fellow villagers and to admire the beautiful summer scenery as we cycled and walked from house to house.

We're keen to find more ways to keep in touch with you, to know how you feel about village matters and to enjoy your company.  Linda thoroughly enjoyed brunch in Fersfield on 17th August                  

INFOBOX 1 - Parish Council Planning Powers
The Parish Council is invited to comment on planning applications as non-statutory consultees; law does not require Parish Council input.
South Norfolk Council Planning Department makes the final decision.
Planning applications include:

  • changes in the use of buildings and roads
  • changes to the structure of buildings and roads
  • erection of new buildings and roads

CURRENT APPLICATIONS - click underlined text below for South Norfolk Planning Portal
Proposed Wedding Venue at Bressingham Hall - further information requested
White Horse Cottage - agreed

Plus ....
The Parish Council would like to know if you regularly have problems with water pressure and/or supply.  If so, please let us know.  Please contact Janet Delasalle
T: 01379 687973
or email janet@delasalle.eu

There are so many interesting people living in our community, we thought it would be good to learn more about them - interviews and photos by Liz Handy
Morgan Roberts is 15 years old. She has lived in Bressingham since she was a baby. She went to Bressingham Primary and is now at Diss High School where this year she will begin her GSE’s. From May this year she has been working on her Duke of Edinburgh Bronze medal. The first bit entailed 2 days of map reading and learning orientation skills. Several groups of 6 young people had to find their way to 3 or 4 different Norfolk villages by a certain time - meet up at various meeting places and at the same time carry their tents and camping gear and food in their rucksacks.  They were walking up to 16 kilometres a day.  Hard work! The next bit of the course involves learning a skill and doing something physical.  Morgan has chosen to learn the violin and to do dance.

Her next bit of the course involves doing something for charity. Morgan has chosen to help raise money for Fenners - a home in our community for adults with learning difficulties. She has seen some of the people from Fenners when they come to watch the pantomime in the village hall and other community activities (Morgan has acted in the pantomime for the last 2 years). She has been struck with how much they enjoy their outings and what fun they seem to have. So the money she hopes to raise she wants to go to help the people from Fenners continue their outings which will increase the quality of their lives. She is also going to help them at their annual fare on Saturday
13 September as an extension of her volunteering for them.

Please see the invitation opposite, inviting you to come to an “end of summer garden party”. She hopes to raise at least £150. For those of you who cannot come but would still like to make a donation please be in touch with Morgan at mroberts9nrm@nsix.org.uk or call 01379 688135 and she will arrange to come and collect the donation from you.

We'll be keeping this series going and we'd love to hear from anyone who recognizes any of the names mentioned in the articles or photos or knows any of their relatives - please get in touch with Liz: 01379 687546 or email: mail@bressinghamandfersfield.org
Julian Kerry is living in the house which his great great grandfather Willie Garland bought. He remembers visiting this house since he was a child.   The home is Croft Acre, Fersfield  which like many homes round here was a small holding.

Julian thinks that Fersfield (unlike Bressingham) has not changed much in appearance as there have been no new buildings. Julian remembers Fersfield had 2 or 3 pubs and a post office - but they are now gone.  Does anyone remember these and can tell us something about them? Julian’s grandfather came from South Lopham at Fen Farm and he married one of the Garland sister. They then moved to Willow Farm in Fersfield. Julian’s father lived in a house near Pillar Box Corner, Bressingham. So Julian  has lived in either Fersfield or Bressingham most of his life.

His father like Julian was a builder. He worked with Maurice Peachey and they called themselves Kerry and Peachey until 1971 when Julian joined his father and they worked as Kerry and Son.  They  built another house at Pillar Box Corner and then they bought Drift House in Bressingham which was derelict and which they restored.  Later when his father sold the house for £2,000 he spent £1,000 on buy a new Jaquar car!  Julian said that as a child he spent a lot of time living in a caravan while his father either built or restored their home. In 1971 Julian worked with his father as a builder and they became Kerry and Son. During the years Julian and his father did a lot of work in the community including the churches.

Julian went to Bressingham School and then on to Diss Grammar.  Later when he married he had 3 daughters - 2 live in Norfolk and 1 in Essex.  Sadly Julian’s wife died 8 years ago.

Julian has a medal which he inherited from his Great Aunt Hilda Garland (who later became Welch). It is dated 1910 and it is for 'Regular School Attendance'.

Julian also has the above photo of the Stool Ball Club dated 1915.  His mother Myra Kelly found this photograph and thought that the girl on the bottom row, third in on the right, is one of the Garland sisters. Julian  wonders if there is anyone in the community that can help him identify any of the other girls? If so please be in touch with him via the website email.

I asked Julian in what way things had changed since he as young and especially since he was working with his father as a builder. He said everything was 'hand tools' then - nothing electrical.  His father in the early days, would ride to jobs on his cycle rather than in a van, so life was very hard.  His father died comparatively young. 

Bressingham Steam & Gardens
20% off a 1-3 person season ticket or 30% off a 4+ person from the same local address. Claim your discount by showing proof of residence (eg a recent utility bill) when buying your tickets

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To help keep you up to date with both community and church events and to enable you to follow the progress being made to install the new heating system, a FACEBOOK page has been created for Fersfield Church - www.facebook.com/fersfieldchurch - the page currently shows some fantastic photos from the two recent summer weddings - go and have a look and 'Like' the page.

The CHURCHES BIKE RIDE is on Saturday 13 September from 9-5 and anyone wishing to take part can pick up a sponsor form from just inside the Church.


We are planning a series of events to commemorate World War 1 and would like to hear from anyone with recollections passed down the generations about life in our area during World War One. We would particularly appreciate information about local people who served during the war. Please contact: Linda Holly (T: 01379 687729) or Leo Pearce (T: 01379 688400).

The Church will also be open for the annual Sponsored Bike Ride and Walk on 13 September Please contact Linda Holly (T: 01379 687729) for Sponsor Forms or if you would like to provide assistance.

We are happy to announce that the south porch roof replacement should be underway by Christmas.

FERSFIELD BRUNCH ..... treasure hunt answers
Fersfield Meadow Committee would once again like to say many thanks to all who came and supported the recent Brunch. As may of you were interested and took part in the Treasure Hunt, we thought you might like to view the questions and answers and some very interesting facts - click here >


Here's a bit of history re Algar House, Fersfield by the present owner. Does anyone else know anything about this beautiful house? The new owners, Gary and Bev, are keen to discover any other historical facts and would welcome further information so if you can help them, please get in touch via the website email.

Situated on the west side of Algar Road in Fersfield, Algar House's current Georgian appearance bellies its true identity as a wooden framed, thatched residence dating back over 400 years. Over time the house has been updated with the Georgians changing the front facade and tiling the roof.  In 1961 the house became Grade II listed.

Algar House has served the local community well over the years being used as a refuge for evacuees during World War II and as a school for wayward boys in the post-war years. Carvings from the boys are clearly visible on some of the trees in the garden and their names can still be seen chalked onto an outbuilding interior wall.
In 1816 it became the family residence of Harvey Walklate Mortimer who was a gunsmith to King George III and one of England’s most highly regarded maker of duelling pistols. His pistols fetch up to £40,000 a pair at auction. In 1816 Mortimer closed his family business at 89 Fleet Street, London and retired to Algar House.

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Order any SPECIAL PAPERS by getting in touch by email, T: 01379 687221 or just pop in ...  and don't forget ..... there are always lots of nice FRUIT and VEG!

SATURDAY 6th SEPT - Mini Fete - starting at 2pm

FRIDAY 19th and SATURDAY 20th SEPTEMBER - Drama Group presents Madame Blavatsky Lives. Bar opens 7 pm - Start 7.30 pm.  Tickets £6.00 from Village Shop or 01379 688375. Please note there is some strong language.

£30 for 6 sessions (advance payment) or £6 each 2-hour session. Trained coach and equipment supplied. Details T: 01379 688375
YOGA - Mon 9.30-11.00 am - Village Hall
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