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Archived Minutes/Agendas
8 January - Village Hall Agenda/Minutes
29 January - Village Hall - Planning Agenda/Minutes
5 February - Village Hall - Planning Cancelled
5 March - Village Hall Agenda/Minutes
9 April - Village Hall - Planning Agenda/Minutes
24 April Annual Parish Meeting - Village Hall Agenda
14 May - St Andrew's Church Agenda/Minutes
4 June - St Andrew's Church - Planning Agenda/Minutes
2 July - St Andrew's Church Agenda/Minutes
6 August - St Andrew's Church - Planning Agenda/Minutes
3 September - St Andrew's Church Agenda/Minutes
1 October - Village Hall - Planning Agenda/Minutes
5 November - Village Hall
3 December - Village Hall - Planning Meeting Cancelled

2 January Agenda/Minutes
6 February Agenda/Minutes
6 March Agenda/Minutes
3 April Agenda/Minutes
8 May AGM Agenda/Minutes
5 June Agenda/Minutes
3 July Agenda/Minutes
7 August Agenda/Minutes
4 September Agenda/Minutes
2 October Agenda/Minutes
6 November Agenda/Minutes

5 December 2016 Cancelled
7 November 2016 Agenda/Minutes
3 October 2016 Agenda/Minutes
5 September 2016 Agenda/Minutes
1 August 2016 Agenda/Minutes
4 July 2016 Agenda/Minutes
6 June 2016 Agenda/Minutes
9 May 2016 - AGM Agenda/Minutes
19 April 2016 - Annual Meeting Agenda/Minutes
4 April 2016 Cancelled
7 March 2016 Agenda/Minutes
1 February 2016 Cancelled
18 January 2016 Agenda/Minutes

2nd November 2015 Agenda/Minutes
5th October 2015 Agenda/Minutes
7th September 2015 Agenda/Minutes
3rd August 2015 Agenda/Minutes
6th July 2015 Agenda/Minutes
1st June 2015 Agenda/Minutes
11th May 2015 - AGM Agenda/Minutes
21st April 2015 - Annual Agenda/Minutes
13th April 2015 Agenda/Minutes
2 March 2015 Agenda/Minutes
5 January 2015 Agenda/Minutes

1 December 2014 Planning Agenda/Minutes
3 November 2014 Agenda/Minutes
6 October 2014 Planning Agenda/Minutes
1 September 2014 Agenda/Minutes
19th August 2014 Planning Agenda/Minutes
7th July 2014 Agenda/Minutes
12th May 2014 Agenda/ Minutes
3rd March 2014 Agenda/Minutes
6th January 2014 Agenda/Minutes

30th December 2013 Agenda - meeting cancelled
26th November 2013 Agenda/Minutes
4th November 2013 Agenda/Minutes
2nd September 2013 Agenda/Minutes
1st July 2013 Agenda/Minutes
13th May 2013 Agenda/Minutes
3rd April 2013 Agenda/Minutes
4th March 2013 Agenda/Minutes
7th January 2013 Agenda/Minutes

5th November 2012 Agenda/Minutes
3rd September 2012 Agenda/Minutes
14th August 2012 Agenda/Minutes
2nd July 2012 Agenda/Minutes
18th June 2012 Agenda/Minutes
14th May 2012 Agenda/Minutes
5th March 2012 Agenda/Minutes
9th January 2012 Agenda/Minutes

7th November 2011 Agenda/Minutes
5th September 2011 Agenda/Minutes
4th July 2011 Agenda/Minutes
19th May 2011 Agenda/Minutes
7th March 2011 Agenda/Minutes

1st November 2010 Agenda/Minutes
1st October 2010 Agenda/Minutes

INFOBOX 1 - Parish Council Planning Powers
The Parish Council is invited to comment on planning applications as non-statutory consultees; law does not require Parish Council input.
South Norfolk Council Planning Department makes the final decision.
Planning applications include:

  • changes in the use of buildings and roads
  • changes to the structure of buildings and roads
  • erection of new buildings and roads

CURRENT APPLICATIONS - click here for South Norfolk Planning Portal

INFOBOX 2 - Parish Councillors
Who can be a Parish Councillor?

  • A British, Commonwealth, or European Union citizen
  • Over 18 years old
  • An elector in the Parish for at least a year, or
  • Lived within three miles of the Parish boundary for at least a year, or
  • Worked mainly in the parish for at least a year

Who can't be a Parish Councillor?

  • Anyone with a bankruptcy restriction or interim order
  • Anyone working for that Parish Council
  • Anyone convicted of an offence with a prison sentence of more than 3 months


Parish Council Elections

Parish Council elections take place every 4 years. Ours are next due in May 2015.
Here's you chance to get involved, join a friendly crew and make your mark!

Bressingham and Fersfield Parish Council has a complement of 9 Parish Councillors.
The Parish Council tries to keep a balance of members from both villages.

Contested Elections
If more than 9 members of our community stand for the 9 Parish Councillor places, a poll must take place. No-one I have spoken to can remember this happening in our community, let us know if you do.  2015 could be the year!

Uncontested Elections
If 9 members of the community or less stand for the nine Parish Councillor places they are elected unopposed and there is no poll.

If fewer than nine members stand, the Parish Council is required to appoint the remainder.

Casual Vacancies
Parish Councillor vacancies that come up during the 4 year term are filled by appointment unless 10 residents request an election

"Parish Council Elections. A Guide to Election Procedures." South Norfolk Council 2007

INFOBOX 4 - Road maintenance in Norfolk
Who is responsible for road maintenance in Norfolk?
As the Highway Authority, Norfolk County Council is responsible for the reasonable maintenance of 10,000km of highways across the county.

They are obliged to:

  • Inspect the roads and carry out necessary maintenance
  • Respond to reports of damage and make the area safe
  • They are not responsible for keeping the road free from mud debris or water
If you feel you have a claim against the Highways Department see their information sheet.
What if I think something has been built without permission?
Not all works require permission, but some do.
If you are concerned about a development please contact South Norfolk Enforcement officers in writing, by phone or at planning@s-norfolk.gov.uk. Any letters received are kept confidential. To learn about how unauthorized development is dealt with, visit This Page
What happens if I tell the Council about something being built?
Most complaints are resolved through negotiation and without formal action.
Enforcement officers will look into the matter and will let you know what is happening.
Reference: http://www.south-norfolk.gov.uk/planning/249.asp#Whatif


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